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Statcom is a Staten Island, NY, USA based dealer for wireless communications equipment with over 20 years of experience in selling, servicing and designing wireless solutions for its customers. Statcom, itself a small business, has always had a desire to provide affordable, quality communications to other small businesses. To this end, we have pioneered the implementation of LTR trunking technology on UHF channels and placed our multi-channel trunked systems throughout New York City on skyscraper office buildings.

"Trunking" has been around for many years and its value as an efficient means of communication has long been proven on 800 and 900 MHZ frequencies. Not until recently, however, has this same technology been applied to the UHF band. For many years, the UHF frequencies were (and in some places, still are) used in an inefficient manner that resulted in some channels being overly congested while others were under utilized. Customers were required by the FCC to monitor a channel and wait until that channel was clear before transmitting.  It was a sort of "honor system."  Some users monitored, but most did not. The result was interference and chaos and eventually, nobody monitored.  Trunking, however, eliminates these drawbacks by electronically and automatically monitoring the channel.  It then dynamically assigns the users to an available channel for interference free communications. In addition, it provides privacy by not allowing users the ability to monitor the channels.