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Statcom began doing business in 1982 by offering service, which ultimately led to sales. It was our willingness to repair the radios that someone else had sold to the customer (and, in many cases, didn't want to know about anymore) that gave us the foundation of our business. Over the years, we have amassed a library of service manuals, specialized test equipment and custom test jigs, many of which are no longer available (and for many radios whose manufacturer has long since gone out of business). We still hold dear the philosophy, "You have to be willing and able to fix the customer's old radios before you can sell them new ones."

A few words about service...

In our modern repair facility, we have a full complement of test instruments to allow us to offer all types of tuning, alignment and repair to a broad range of wireless equipment, both new and old.

So, whether your need is to fix your existing radios (or find out if they are worth repairing) or to design a customized communications system for your business, give us a call or leave us Email and we'll call you.

And Customization...

It does not take a genius to sell two way radios.  Anyone can take a box off the shelf and hand it to the customer.  But what if the customer's application for a radio system doesn't happen to be in any box?

What has always set Statcom apart from the pack is our willingness to offer a custom solution for your communications needs.  Whether you happen to own a skyscraper office building and want your maintenance crew to have radio communications to all points within the building, or have a less demanding need for radios, you can count on Statcom to come through.