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Are you tired of paying high prices for your two way radio communications? Tired of buying more than you need? Sick of losing service every time you need to call the dispatcher because there's police activity in the area? Tired of cryptic messages in your display like "Service Restriction" or "Please Try Later"? Here's how you spell relief:



We sell high quality Motorola and Kenwood two way radios and provide "UHF trunked" repeater service to businesses in the NY and NJ Metro area.  We also can provide dedicated repeaters for your own private channel usage at a fixed monthly rate, regardless of how many mobiles you have. We also manage many repeater sites in the Tri-State area, in case you need to "rent a rooftop" for your repeater.

Do you need to know where your mobile units are? We have GPS capabilities now built into the radios. You can display a map on your office computer screen with the location of your mobiles which updates every time they change location. Our advanced reporting capabilities can alert you if one of your vehicles is travelling at an excessive speed (or is stuck in a traffic jam). Contact us for a free, no obligation demonstration. See our system coverage maps.


Our Mission

To provide economical, state-of-the-art communications to companies who need to keep in contact with their work force.  Our customer base consists of car services, towing services, medical transporters, couriers, plumbers, mechanical contractors, security guard agencies and many other small, medium and large companies, many of whom have negotiated flat monthly rates.  Our low airtime rates (typically $25.00 per unit per month for small fleets), makes our system very cost effective when compared to cellular and other modes of communication. Also, since we specialize in small and mid sized businesses, we will not re-allocate our channels to first responders and leave you without communications in an emergency (like our competitors do).


Company Profile

Statcom offers the full Kenwood line of two way radios, including Trunked and Conventional radios.

We install, maintain & service what we sell.  We honor your factory warranty, regardless of where you purchased it.

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PO Box 140543 , Staten Island, NY 10314
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Information, Sales & Support: Staff@Statcomcorp.com
Webmaster: Howie@Statcomcorp.com