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Business Opportunities...

At Statcom, we believe that UHF trunking is the last frontier that allows a small radio shop with limited resources to build a system using shared channels.  Since most radio shops do not have the "deep pockets" necessary to buy virgin spectrum at auction and build infrastructure or pay for political clout, we feel that the small radio dealers must provide a unified front to our regulatory agencies, so as not to be forgotten.

We are open to the limitless possibilities of combining customer base, site equipment and skyscraper sites to the benefit of all.  Do you have a customer with his own radio system who needs better coverage?  Are you in the radio business with old fashioned "community repeaters?"  Would you like to upgrade your infrastructure?  Are you (or is someone you know) sitting on undeveloped spectrum with loading potential?  Looking for a partner to build or engineer with?  Let's talk!


Are you a wireless professional?  Would you like to work with a team of highly motivated upwardly-mobile innovators?  Statcom is constantly looking for new talent in all areas of the wireless revolution.  Whether your field of expertise is marketing or your talents lie in the technical venue, Statcom is interested in you!  Fax us your resume at (718) 447-6171 (or Email it to Staff@Statcomcorp.com).